Fern leaf


Rebel Heart Creations is the result of my need for art therapy. I create jewellery, polymer clay creations and resin art in order to work through the massive ups and downs of major depression. Everyone needs an outlet, be it creative or otherwise, and this is mine.

Rebel Heart Creations has expanded and matured to the point where I believe that it is best for me to run my own site, to take control and run my business in a fair manner.

Rebel Heart Creations started back in 2004, when I was first hit with major depression and a fairly large anxiety disorder. My full-time job as a library technician vanished in a storm of distress as I engaged in a battle to keep myself alive and sane. (Mostly sane? At least 1/4 sane. Honest. Maybe a little less....)

I digress.

I quickly learned that I needed distractions in order to keep myself in check. I always gravitated towards anything and everything creative, and decided to turn to that as an outlet. Making jewellery and other creative pieces became an important part of my life. I came to realize that Art Therapy was really something that worked for me!

Creating is still the main thing I do when I'm recharging my mental batteries or battling a particularly dark time. It lets me focus only on the art, which helps to, if not calm me, then at least level me out. It's my zen, in a way.

And, as it turned out, my art therapy also became a small craft business! Over the years, I evolved as a creator and designer of unique handmade items - from jewellery to polymer clay creations.

I'm always blown away, honoured, and humbled by people's appreciation and love of that I create. So thank you for coming to my site. It means the world to me.